Our Patriots

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Narrow Passage Patriots

"The distinctions between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers, and New Englanders are no more. I am not a Virginian, but an American!"

— Patrick Henry in 1774, after the Boston Tea Party

We are proud to honor our ancestors who through civil, patriotic, and/or military service contributed to securing the independence of the United States of America. From 1976 forward, Narrow Passage Chapter, NSDAR, member applications have been approved and are on file with NSDAR establishing lineage for the patriots listed here. For information about these patriots, or to search for a patriot not listed below, please visit NSDAR's Genealogy page to learn more.

Listed here are names, ranks, and state of service for the brave ancestors of the members of Narrow Passage Chapter, NSDAR.

Patriot Legend

  • CAPT — Captain
  • COL — Colonel
  • CPL — Corporal
  • CMSRY — Commissary
  • ENS — Ensign
  • MAJ — Major
  • PS — Patriotic Service
  • PVT — Private
  • SOL — Soldier

Patriot Spotlight: To honor the service of our ancestors, Narrow Passage Chapter, NSDAR, periodically displays Patriot Spotlights. Details are provided by the Patriot's descendent. Hover over names appearing in red to learn more.


  • Littleton Adams, PVT
  • John Ashby, MAJ
  • William Bailey, PVT
  • Phillip Barr, PVT
  • James Bartlett, CS
  • Susan Davis Bartlett, PS
  • Edmund Basye, SOL
  • David Beard, CAPT
  • Elizabeth X Beard, PS
  • John Berry, PVT
  • Hudson Blankenship, PS
  • Jacob Boehm, PS
  • Samuel Boehm, PS
  • John Bushong, LT PS
  • Reuben Blankenship, PVT
  • Richard Callaway, COL
  • John Carpenter, PVT
  • George Clover/Clower, PVT
  • John Compton, PVT
  • Zachariah Compton, SOL
  • William Coppage, PS
  • Magdalene X Dellinger, PS
  • Moses Dorton, SOL
  • Gwin Dudley, PS
  • Thomas Dupree, PS
  • Samuel Ferguson, ENS PS
  • Henry Fravel, PS
  • Joseph Gochenour, PS
  • Joshua Gore, PS
  • Jacob Hammond, SOL
  • John Hoover, CPL
  • George Hottel, PVT
  • Jacob Hottel, PVT
  • Joseph Hottel, PVT
  • Benjamin Housden, SOL
  • Matthias House, PS
  • Thomas Hudson, PVT
  • George Keller, PS (b. 1712)
  • Edward Kelly, SOL
  • Jacob Kesling, PVT
  • Uriah Leftwich, ENS
  • Andrew Lindamood, PS
  • Phillip Long, PVT
  • Christian Miller, SGT
  • Samuel Moore, PVT
  • James Mullinax, PVT


  • John Billings, CPL
  • Samuel Billings, PVT
  • David Hungerford, PVT PS


New Hampshire

  • Simon Ames PS
  • Moses Gilman, CPL
  • Benjamin Heath, SOL
  • Andrew McClary, MAJ
  • Eliphalet Sanborn, SOL PS

New Jersey

New York

North Carolina

  • Elijah Anderson, PS
  • Benajah Doty, MAJ PS
  • James Hardison, PVT
  • Alexander McAllister, COL
  • George Tubbs, PS


South Carolina

  • Prescott Bush, PVT
  • John Campbell, SOL